My name is Burke Ingraffia.  I am a web developer and user experience (UX) professional who also has a love of philosophy and the humanities.  This blog covers the intersection of all of those things.

The centermost topic, from which all other posts will radiate, is the ethics of technological design.  We live in one of the most interesting times in history, technologically speaking, but not only are we shaping our inventions – our inventions are shaping us.

As a Roman Catholic I have a framework of ethical thought that spans millennia, to the time of the ancient Greeks and Jews.  My faith gives me peace. meaning in life, and a reason to act ethically. However, I can’t assume that all seekers of truth and all seekers of the virtuous life will share my faith.

So what I intend to do is to prioritize love and reason above all things and try to meet everyone where they are, using personal stories to come to common understanding of what is right and what is wrong in technological design.

Thank you for visiting this site.  I hope that it helps you in some way.

Burke Ingraffia